Shimano Iron Works, the predecessor of Shimano Inc., was founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano in the city of Sakai in Osaka, Japan. The first production was the simple freewheel for bicycles, the production of which required the highest technical skills. In 1951, the name of the company was changed to Shimano Industrial Co., LTD.

We founded Shimano North America Holding Inc. in 1965. as its first overseas sales office, while on the other hand, Shimano Singapore Pte. Ltd. was founded in 1973 as the first overseas production facility. In 1991, the company name is changed to Shimano Inc. Changed. We have currently expanded our networks worldwide with consolidated subsidiaries.

Since the establishment of Shimano, the headquarters have remained in Sakai. Shimano Inc. is the headquarters and has a wide range of functional areas including planning, development, design, manufacturing and various other support functions for the supply of bicycle components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment.

In response to the increasing demand for global environmental protection, the bicycle is now attracting attention as the most environmentally friendly means of transport.
Our mission is to provide high quality, high performance components for various types of bicycles manufactured in different countries and regions of the world, from bicycles for the best racers in the world to bicycles for everyday use.

The Shimano DURA-ACE groupset, the flagship products in the racing world, always uses our latest cutting-edge technologies such as Di2. Designed to increase the potential of components by fusing them with electronic devices, Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) has dramatically improved shifting speed and accuracy. In addition, at Shimano we have expanded the range of products designed to provide greater comfort and enjoyment in commuting and shopping, which are closely related to daily life. The series is characterized, for example, by low maintenance due to the internally toothed hub and easy pedaling even with the lights on due to the built-in hub dynamo.

At Shimano, we pursue the development of new designs and easy-to-use features by staying ahead of the user’s ideas. And we realise innovative new products that are characterised by both high precision and durability thanks to the metal processing techniques we have developed over many years. This, we hope, will encourage more people to use bicycles, leading to the spread of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and the promotion of environmental protection. With this in mind, Shimano develops and produces truly captivating products.


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