Sigma Sport

The company headquarters of SIGMA ELEKTRO GmbH, founded in 1981, is located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Here, global marketing and sales concepts are created and implemented in affiliated companies. Final assembly and quality assurance are located in Germany. 30 employees in administration and 60 employees in production ensure smooth processes in the worldwide distribution of our quality products.

The birth of the mountain bike changed the meaning and use of the bicycle from a mere transportation vehicle to an image driven sport and recreational device. This development of the sport has presented all cycling brands with new challenges, challenges for which SIGMA SPORT is consciously prepared. It is the main reason why we are always first to market with innovations such as new battery lighting concepts, feature-rich heart rate monitors, air pumps with electronic pressure measurement, and all at competitive prices.

Our products will always incorporate leading technologies, a proven winning strategy in the sports and fitness categories where SIGMA SPORT products are increasingly sold. SIGMA SPORT represents German technology at the highest level and combines innovative design with precision engineering. We test all of our products in our in-house test labs to withstand the harshest conditions and continuously ensure quality through our production. No SIGMA SPORT product is shipped until it has passed our thorough testing.



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