SRM power meter
The SRM Powermeter stand for years for a very good quality and offer for a variety of applications of cycling the perfectly adapted SRM Powermeter, whether for Shimano, SRAM, Rotor, Specialized or Cannondale, for everyone there is something suitable to find here. In addition to the SRM Powermeter such as the SRM Powermeter Campagnolo or SRM Origin Powermeter, SRM also offers indoor trainers as well as the matching bike computer to the SRM Powermeter, on which your performance values can be displayed and analyzed. SRM Powermeters have already helped several athletes to victory due to the performance-controlled training with SRM Powermeters.

But above all, SRM power meters stand for the Made In Germany label. The cranks are handmade in Jülich and are among the most reliable and precise powermeters on the market. Because of this, the manufacturer also gives a full 3 year warranty on all SRM power meters.

Whether road, track, cyclocross, cross country, enduro, downhill or BMX, there is something for every rider.

The performance data recorded during the ride is transmitted via ANT+ to any ANT+ enabled bike computer. For a more refined solution that matches the SRM Powermeter design, the manufacturer also offers the SRM Powercontrol 8 bike computer as a complete training system together with an SRM Powermeter.

The power measurement of the SRM Powermeter is located in the spider of the crank, where the strain gauges are also located. Thus, the SRM Powermeter measures the power exactly where the power is transmitted to the drivetrain. A power-distribution is done based on the crank position, where in the push-phase the right side is interpreted as the total power of the right side and in the pull-phase as the left side. However, as this watt-power always is calculated by pressure-phase of one side and pulling-phase of the other side, itŽs not quite exact, so real analysis of left-right-balance here is not possible, system-dependent.

When choosing the right powermeter, especially with the large selection of SRM powermeters, you should pay attention to both the correct crankshafts (BB30, SRAM GXP, Shimano Hollowtech II), the appropriate bolt circle diameter (BCD) of the spider and depending on the model, the number of chainrings to choose correctly. It is not mandatory to upgrade a SRAM crank with a SRAM SRM Powermeter, it is also possible to mix certain shifting group components and use e.g. a Rotor or THM crank. This is the difference between Stages Powermeter Road Powermeters and Quarq Powermeter Road Powermeters, for example.

Depending on the model, the SRM powermeters are delivered with a different range of cranks, powermeters and chainrings. Also special configurations of chainrings and other spider designs are available and can be made possible after consultation. With Cannondale and Specialized Powermeter only the spiders are delivered without crank and without chainrings.
SRM (Schoberer Rad Messtechnik) Powermeter
SRM is one of the leading manufacturers of power meters and offers not only power meters with the highest quality standard but also indoor trainers and training computers of the same quality. Mature and solid technique allows training at the limit to reach further levels of performance and success. Slightly less expensive than the SRM models are the Quarq Powermeter Road and Quarq Powermeter MTB models, which use similar measurement technology and also measure power in the spider.

SRM powermeters offer a variety of models and configurations. These can also be individually designed after consultation with our service. New features like the Swift mode, which makes it possible to connect both pedals at the same time via Bluetooth Smart with Head units, show that SRM is always trying to develop its powermeters further, for example to stand out from the Assioma Powermeter or Garmin Vector Powermeter. With the Swift mode, SRM has now developed a technology that has already failed many manufacturers, just like an excellent temperature compensation, which has also led to problems again and again.

The SRM power meters are used in road, triathlon, track, cyclocross, cross country, enduro, downhill or BMX and help the athlete to a steady increase of their performance. Many athletes owe their success to power measurement based on SRM Powermeter.

In addition to displaying performance in races or training, SRM Powermeter performance data can also be evaluated and analyzed retrospectively, making it an extremely scientific training system.
About SRM
The company SRM was founded in 1986 and is the inventor of mobile power meters. In the meantime, the company manufactures various types of power meters. Both pedal power meters and the SRM common crank power meters. After producing only crank power meters for a long time, SRM now also offers a pedal power meter in cooperation with the company Look. For a long time SRM was the undisputed market leader in power meters and even now SRM still produces the most accurate and highest quality power meters that can also be used for scientific purposes. Besides the power meters, SRM also has SRM bike computers and SRM indoor trainers in its range.

SRM’s new pedal powermeter is designed to compete with the Favero Assioma Powermeter and Garmin Vector Powermeter. The high quality SRM EXAKT Powermeter has its price, but is of very high quality. It was developed together with one of the leading pedal manufacturers, something SRM has been doing for generations with other manufacturers of high-quality bicycle parts. SRM has a very high standard for itself and its power meters which is reflected in all devices. The new SRM EXAKT offers just like the existing crank power meters after installation extremely accurate power values and always the latest technology in conjunction with the SRM bike computers, but also manufacturers of other bike computers.


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